Updated on July 10th, 2023 at 04:29 pm

We’re all aware of body types like the apple shape, the pear shape, and the banana shape… but what about the strawberry body shape? Otherwise known as the ‘inverted triangle shape’, a strawberry body is typically defined as having broad shoulders, a wider chest, and a smaller waist and hips.

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If you have a strawberry body shape, then this article tells you everything you need to know about how to flatter your gorgeous shape! As well as how to tell if you have a strawberry body shape if you’re unsure.

What is a strawberry body type?

If you’re a strawberry-shaped woman, the bottom half of your body is normally narrower than the top half, and you will have a fuller bust and a beautiful, narrow waist. You most likely take a smaller size for pants and skirts.

The strawberry body type is one of the most popular female body shapes, along with the pear shape, rectangle shape, and hourglass shape. Be sure to check out this article if you are wondering if you are thick versus curvy.

Celebrities like Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, and Naomi Campbell have an inverted triangle body shape, or strawberry shape, as they have broader shoulders and narrow hips. Looking to the world of celebrities can be helpful in determining our own body shapes, as we may see our bodies reflected in Hollywood stars.

Let’s take a look at how you can know for sure if you’re an inverted triangle-shaped woman.

How to know if you’re strawberry-shaped

There are a few basic factors that define a strawberry body type. Namely, you have broad shoulders that are likely to be wider than your hips, your chest is also wide, and your hips and legs tend to be narrow and small. Your bust measurements and shoulder measurements are also often 5% bigger than your hip measurements.

Height is also an important factor to consider, as dressing for your height as well as your shape helps to make your outfits even more flattering. So, when you’re measuring your hips and waist, it’s worth measuring your height as well.

If you are over 5’5″ then you are considered a tall strawberry-shaped woman. Meanwhile, if you are below 5’1″, then you are considered a petite strawberry-shaped woman. If you’re somewhere in between these two measurements, then you have what is called a ‘regular’ strawberry body type.

Fashion tips for the strawberry-shaped body

If you want to know how to best flatter your strawberry shape, then you’ll be pleased to know there are a few easy tips you can implement to look and feel amazing! Let’s take a look at a couple, so you’ll look gorgeous from top to bottom.

Wear wrap dresses

A wrap dress looks stunning on a strawberry body because it diverts attention from the shoulders and draws attention to your narrow waist. It creates the illusion of an hourglass figure and increases your waist definition. If you can’t get your hands on a wrap dress, then we recommend a V-neck style dress instead, as it is just as flattering. Wrap coats also have a similar effect!

Wear dark tops

Wearing darker colors on the top half of your body will make your shoulders slimmer, while puffed sleeves, shoulder pads, and shoulder embellishments will do the exact opposite.

No matter what your body shape, dark colors are incredibly slimming, and this is doubly true when we consider that the top half of a strawberry-shaped body tends to be broader.

Opt for bold, bright bottoms

Skirts and pants with bold, bright colors and patterns and a strawberry body type are a match made in heaven. So, if you read the above tip about plain, darker tops and felt disheartened about wearing bold colors or bold prints, don’t fret!

Just let your skirts and pants do the talking. We recommend famously slimming patterns like vertical stripes while avoiding horizontal stripes. Flared skirts also look amazing on you!

Keep accessories chunky

Thinking about what accessories you wear and how they sit on your body is important if you have a strawberry shape. Brooches, earrings, necklaces and scarves, and any other accessories you might wear around your neck and shoulders can draw attention to your upper body.

This isn’t to say that you should forgo wearing necklaces, scarves, or even earrings, but instead, pendant necklaces on long chains or loose scarfs might draw attention away from your upper body and to your narrower bottom half.

Chunky accessories and jewelry are also excellent for strawberry-shaped women. We recommend chunky belts to define your waist, as well as chunky bracelets and rings.

What not to wear if you are an inverted triangle

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Now that we know what to wear if you have a strawberry body shape, the question is, what shouldn’t you wear if you have an inverted triangle body shape? Below you’ll find three types of clothing that it’s best for strawberry-shaped women to avoid.

Boxy styles: While these types of clothes often come into fashion, they can also make somebody types look shapeless and the strawberry body type is no exception.

Flowing tops: Although it might be tempting to wear flowing tops to conceal the wider parts of your body, this is actually not helpful, as it not only draws attention to your upper body but diverts attention from your bottom half.

High-neck clothes: Since V-neck tops, wrap dresses, and sweetheart necklines are flattering necklines for a strawberry body type, it only makes sense that high-neck tops and dresses, and crew necks have the opposite effect.

Is a high waist good for an inverted triangle?

High-waisted skirts or pants tend to be unflattering and uncomfortable for a strawberry body shape because they often have a shorter rise and divert attention away from your naturally narrow waist.

If you have a shorter waist, then it’s best to avoid high-waisted pants or skirts, as they extend above your natural waist which will only make your torso look shorter. Rather, we recommend mid-rise jeans instead. High-waisted jeans, skirts, or pants should also be avoided if you have a flatter bottom for similar reasons.

What shoes should an inverted triangle body shape wear?

If you have a strawberry body type then balancing out your wider shoulders with volume around the lower half of your body is essential, and shoes are an excellent way to achieve this.

Rather than simple styles, opt for more eye-catching footwear in solid colors and bold patterns, and that have beautiful embellishments. Chunkier shoes such as heels, platforms, or wedges with a medium to high heel look amazing on strawberry-shaped women.

For hot summer days, opt for ankle boots or shoes with ankle straps, in the spring or fall go for cowboy boots, and in the winter, go for UGG boots.

Wrapping up

We hope our styling tips for flattering beautiful strawberry shapes has helped you better organize your wardrobe and find outfits that will make you look beautiful!

Of course, while our tips are aimed at helping your outfits look as flattering as possible, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident in whatever you decide to wear. For more fun information and fashion tips be sure to check out the rest of Extra Large Living.