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Many modern computer desks are designed with average-height people in mind and cause tall people to sit in awkward positions. Over time, this causes cramped legs, a bent neck, and a hunched back, resulting in serious health issues.

Unfortunately, not all computer desks marketed to tall people is ideal. A tall person can either have long legs, which means they need more leg room, or a long torso meaning they’d benefit more from a high desk top. Factoring these measurements helps make shopping easier.

To help you along, we’ve prepared a list of great computer desk recommendations for tall people. Our golden rule of thumb is ‘desks less than 24 inches tall are too short.’

Best computer desks for tall people – Top 7

Huanuo quick sit-to-stand desktop gas spring riser

image of huanuo quick sit to stand desktop gas spring riser - Extra Large Living
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The Quick sit-to-stand desktop gas spring riser is one of the best desktops for tall people looking for a healthier work life. The desktop has multiple features to ensure you get value for your money.

You get a large 2-tier workstation at an affordable price to improve your efficiency and organization. The desktop surface is 32” x 16” enough for your laptop and monitors, while the keyboard tray is 30” x 10”. They rise and lower simultaneously to help relax your neck and shoulders, reducing pains and aches. Even better, the desktop surface comes with pre-drilled holes for installing monitor arms.

This Huanuo desktop is powered by an optimal gas spring system that makes height adjustments smooth and quiet. The motion is triggered via a hand lever under the desk. The height adjusts between 4.7” and 19.3”.

But that’s not all; this adjustable stand-up desk is foldable, which helps to save space for people with smaller offices. Other features include a comfortable edge, a tablet, and a phone groove for storing sticky notes, tablets, and phones or hiding the charging cable to keep your space organized.


  • Easy height adjustment
  • Clever design with two tiers; one tier being removable.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Has a convenient tablet or phone slot.


  • The lower tier isn’t very wide.

Apexdesk Series 71″ Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Elite Series

image of elite pro series 71” x 33” standing desk with black frame - rustic grey top - Extra Large Living
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The ApexDesk AX7133GRY electric standing desk is a durable, ergonomically shaped desktop suitable for tall users up to 6’6”. It’s powered by a silent yet powerful motor lifting system. The motor is operated through a button controller. It moves the desktop 1.5” every second between 29” and 49”. Even better, the digital controller has a memory function to store your height preferences.

The ApexDesk AX7’s desktop is 71’x33”, so it has sufficient working space. The worktop is constructed from quality MDF; you can pick your best from eight different finishes.

With the stainless-steel construction, the desk can support a maximum load capacity of 235 lbs. this ApexDesk qualifies as a heavy-duty standing desk.

The desk has a cable management tray measuring 35.5”x5.5” to keep your working space organized.


  • Suitable for those up to 6’6.
  • Impressive weight capacity and sturdy build.
  • 8 attractive designs to choose from.
  • Remote controlled for easy adjustment.


  • Lacks certain standard amenities, e.g., keyboard tray.

Vivo 43 x 24 inch manual height adjustable standing desk

image of vivo 43” x 24” manual height adjustable desk | desk-kit-mb4b series - Extra Large Living
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Enduring long and tiresome workdays hunched on your desk can be a thing of the past with this Vivo active workstation. It’s designed with a solid 43”x23.6” worktop on a steel frame. The construction is strong enough to support 154 lbs. And since you’ll rarely hit this limit, you’re guaranteed a stable and durable work desk.

This VIVO stand-up desk comes with a manual hand crack system paired with a telescopic height adjustment system that raises and lowers the desktop between 28.8” and 48.1”.

VIVO is so confident they did a great job on this piece that they provide a 3-year manufacturer warranty and technical support.

We should point out that the VIVO design is a little simpler than other options on the list and is perhaps a little bit smaller, with less space. As such, it’s ideal for a tall person looking for a straightforward workstation that caters to their basic needs.


  • Maximum height of 48.1 inches.
  • Variety of frame colors and desk dimensions.
  • 3-year warranty included.


  • No crossbar included.
  • Very heavy, which might make set-up difficult.
  • Ships in two boxes that may arrive at different times.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

image of vari electric standing desk- Extra Large Living
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If you love minimalist designs, the Vari electric standing desk is your ideal desk. The desk features a solid wood top with a good thickness and two sturdy T-styled legs. We found the cutout in the back useful for running cables down, allowing us to push the desk flush with the wall.

The height adjustment between 25” and 50.5” is powered by quiet dual motors. The adjustment is made via a simple control panel installed on the right. With the up and down arrows, you can lower or raise the desk’s height according to the reading displayed on the LCD readout. Once you’ve found a sweet spot, you can save it into one of the four memory slots provided.

The desk has a sturdy construction that can support 200 lbs. You could sleep on it without worrying about it breaking.

We loved that the desk comes with two hooks that clamp to the desk’s side) to help in cable organization.


  • Scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean worktop finish.
  • Weight capacity of 200 lbs.
  • Green-gold certified.


  • Lack of extra features, despite the high price point.

VIVO Electric Desk

image of vivo 63” x 32” electric desk with touch screen memory controller | desk-kit-2e1b series - Extra Large Living
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If you’re not into the VIVO manual stand-up desk, there’s an alternative electric desk with touchscreen memory. This desk is designed with a spacious surface to accommodate your laptop, monitor setups, and other office supplies. We love that the desk has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable.

The desk height adjustment system is powered by a quiet yet powerful motor that raises and lowers the desk between 29.5” and 49.6”. This adjustment is made through a touchscreen controller with timer reminders and customizable memory settings.

Unlike standard desks, this desk can support up to 176 lbs courtesy of its strong scratch-resistant board and steel frame.

This is a great option for those searching for something more budget-friendly. And with a generous 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers each area of the desk, how could you say no?


  • Reasonable price
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Height adjusted with a touchscreen controller.


  • Lacking additional features.

Amazon Basics Classic Home Office Computer Desk With Shelves

image of amazon basics classic home office computer desk with shelves - Extra Large Living
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The AmazonBasics Classic Home Office Computer Desk may be the perfect option for you if you’re searching for a tall desk with a chic, fully accessible structure that offers a sizable work area.

Although it’s not an adjustable sit-stand desk, it stands at 29.5 inches, giving a taller person ample leg space. Provided the user owns a suitable office chair to go with it, they will be more than comfortable sitting at this workstation.

With its minimalistic style, there are three colors and designs to choose from; black, white, and espresso. Moreover, it’s not too wide so it’s a nice option for someone with limited space. 

It has a durable metal desk frame and two open-sided storage shelves to use to store away your important office supplies and stationary, keeping your desk space neat and tidy. 


  • Takes up little space, making it great for any office.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Affordable price.


  • The particleboard isn’t very durable.

OUTFINE Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Electric Dual Motor Home Office Stand Up Computer Workstation with Splice Board

image of outfine dual motor height adjustable standing desk electric dual motor home office stand up computer workstation with splice board - Extra Large Living
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We saved the best for last! The OUTFINE Height Adjustable Standing Desk has tons of nifty features working to its advantage.

The desk has a powerful dual motor that’s surprisingly quiet. The motor is controlled via a beautiful control console with three height memory functions. When adjusting the height, we loved that the motor automatically stopped when it was about to crash into the chair’s arm. This anti-collision technology improves safety.

The premium iron construction makes the standing desk safe and strong enough to support 180 lbs of weight. You can place monitors, laptops, and other office stationery without worrying the desk will crumble under their weight.

With most desks, the edge is sharp and tends to hurt your wrist and arms when typing. Luckily, this Outfine desk has a bevel edge that protects your forearms and wrist from impressions after working long hours.

Other nice-to-have features include a desk hook for your bag or headset and an anti-spill mug or bottle holder.


  • Durable, firm frame.
  • Adjustable height range and length.
  • Come with an anti-slip cup holder and headphones hanger.


  • Lacking storage amenities.

The Best tall person computer desk is …

Image of OUTFINE Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk in black

OUTFINE Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Electric Dual Motor Home Office Stand Up Computer Workstation with Splice Board

Although the other computer desks in this review are great for tall people in their own right, the Outfine dual motor height adjustable standing desk has a lot more features to enjoy ranging from a quiet and powerful motor, a beautiful control motor that allows you to save your favorite heights, a bevel edge, a desk hook, and an anti-spill mug. 

It’s durable and has a decent adjustable height range a tall person can take advantage of to guarantee comfort when working. 

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Computer desk buyer’s guide for tall people

As a tall person looking for a computer desk for your home office, there are several features to consider to ensure you purchase the right desk, including pairing it with the perfect Big-and-tall office chair. Below, we have listed what else you should consider.

Desk surface dimensions

The shape and size of your desktop determine how you’ll feel when working on it. Many people go for large desktop sizes to fit their hardware setups and still have enough space for decorative items. If you have a dual monitor setup, the desk should be 48 inches long, and it should be 55 inches or longer for a triple monitor setup.

Height adjustment

To reap maximum benefits from a standing desk, you should ensure the monitor, desktop, and keyboard are set to the right height based on your height. The correct height ensures you maintain the correct posture when working.

For instance, an individual that’s 6 feet tall and 4 inches tall should have a standing desk with height adjustment up to 48 inches. On the flip side, an individual 6’8” tall should have a desk that can raise up to 49.7 inches high. Below is a table breaking down the different height requirements.

image of table showing standard table heights for tall people - Extra Large Living

Weight capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the standing desk is a good indicator of its strength. Many electric standing desks can support between 154 and 200 lbs, sufficient to support most workstation setups. However, if you have some heavy hardware, consider getting a heavy-duty standing desk that can support over 200 lbs.


A warranty will tell you how reliable and trustworthy a brand is. A lot of leading desk brands offer a warranty of 1-10 years, so be sure to check this out before purchasing anything.

While a 2-year warranty is an adequate warranty period, it’s worth paying a little bit more for a desk that has a 5-year warranty or longer.

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Why are standing desks beneficial for tall people?

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