Updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 07:37 pm

Have you wondered what the difference is between thick and curvy and how you can shop for your body type?

image of thick vs curvy 1 - Extra Large LivingIn this article, we’ll help you figure out how you can tell whether your body is more curvy or thick and what the best method is for you to work on your wardrobe.

Let’s help you figure out the best way to dress for your shape. But first, what does a thick and curvy body type mean?

How do you define a curvy body?

Curvy is about body fat distribution variables than size. Also, it’s more focused on the mid and lower section of your body. Curvy women have hip sizes considerably wider than their waist size – think hourglass figures of Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham. With the love and attention these women get, it’s clear most people think curvy is a beautiful body shape.

Going with this description, a plus-size woman isn’t categorized as curvy since her proportions are the same throughout her frame. For more information on plus-size, including what weight is considered plus-size, check out the rest of our site.

How do you define a thick body?

A thick body is more about having a thicker body frame and being heavier around the chest. Often, women with thicker bodies have wider hips and larger behinds so that you may identify thickness with plus-size figures. But remember, there is a difference between thick and fat.

Upper body clothing for a curvy woman

If you have curves, you should show them off. While you may be self-conscious about them, there’s no reason to be. You are doing yourself no favors by hiding your curves with oversized clothing.

So, what should a curvaceous woman look for when shopping for her upper body? Below are some basic fashion style tips for the curvy body shape.

Fitting tops

A nice blouse and a top that fits properly can go a long way when accentuating your outfit. There’s no reason to choose oversized shirts and sweaters unless you plan to have a lazy day.

When you have a good-fitting top, you can accentuate your upper body and curves more than if you hide them.

Belts and jewelry

If you add some belts to your tops, you can cinch your waistline. These will highlight your waist and accentuate your upper body further.

Highlight your waist

image of thick vs curvy 2 - Extra Large LivingYou want to highlight your waist more to accentuate your curves. Your waist is, without a doubt, your greatest asset when you work on your outfits.

Try a peplum top or dress to highlight your waist and let the bottom flair out.

Upper body clothing for thick women

Just because you may have a thicker body doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. If you know how to utilize your wardrobe, you can find some excellent choices to feel confident in your clothes.

Here are some ways that you can best use in building your wardrobe.

Don’t go for oversized clothing

If you’re not confident, don’t try to shy away from your curvy body shape. Hiding any extra thickness with oversized clothing can make you appear bulkier. Try to avoid your oversized sweaters, shirts, and blazers.

Try tailored pieces

Choose tops that have a structure. Tops that distribute excess volume around your chest and can be brilliant for optical alignment.

Go for monochrome

Monochrome can be an excellent choice to provide an illusion of a slimmer figure. However, you need to do this correctly.

When you go monochrome, make sure that you choose colors such as black, grey, and deep brown to achieve a sleeker look. You could even add in a little bit of color with some jewelry or a scarf.

Wear patterned clothing

Depending on the pattern you use, wearing patterns can help to engage anyone’s eyes and away from your body frame.

If you’re worried about anyone paying too much attention to your body, patterns are a great way to distract them from looking in places you’d prefer they not.

Include belts

Belts can help you create a distinct waistline for your figure. Adding a belt to your outfit can give a similar impression to bringing belts into a curvy wardrobe.

If you’re worried about finding belts, choose a thin one that goes with your outfit.

Lower body clothing for curvy women

Not everyone will be comfortable with their thighs and hips, so if you’re uncomfortable with having wider hips, you can use the lower half of your wardrobe to distract from this.

Darker colors

When you wear your pants and skirts, make sure you choose darker colors, as these will optically decrease your size. You’ll appear slimmer, which will distract from larger thighs or hips.

Flared pants

Choose pants that flare out, so ignore pants like skinny jeans. By adding flared pants to your outfit, you can distribute the volume of your body more evenly.

Don’t wear straight skirts

Straight skirts can highlight your thighs and hips, so try some A-line skirts instead so you won’t notice your hips so dramatically. These A-line skirts can make your hips appear straighter as opposed to curvier.

Lower body clothing for thick women

When you’re uncomfortable with your body, you may feel the temptation to hide your figure when you choose an outfit for your body.

Much like with your upper body, you shouldn’t do this. Instead, show that you’re confident in your body even if you aren’t. By doing this, you’ll be able to appear more comfortable in yourself.

Avoid layers

If you add too many layers to your body, you may give off the appearance of hiding your frame. Additional layers can make you look bulkier, so you will want to avoid this. Instead, wear fewer layers to show your figure a bit more.

Choose your fabrics carefully

You don’t want to choose too thin fabrics, as you’ll like some extra support and a better fit. Instead, choose materials that are stiff and have some texture to them.

By selecting these, you don’t have to be uncomfortable with form-fitting clothing. With form-fitting clothes, you can highlight the areas you want but prevent too much notice to places you don’t want to notice.

Final thoughts

Choosing your outfit can be a challenge. This is especially so for thick-bodied women since the fashion industry doesn’t have a wide range of plus-size clothing. So, hopefully, this article will give you some idea of how you can utilize your female body shape to your advantage.

Just because you’re thicker or curvier doesn’t mean you can’t feel fashionable and confident in your body. But this doesn’t mean you cannot change your appearance into what you like. With changes in your dietary habits and indulging in physical activities, you can achieve the hourglass shape you love or a petite figure.

When choosing your outfit, you should always choose one that’s comfortable for you, and if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t worry about choosing one you prefer. For more articles take a look at the rest of Extra Large Living.