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No matter your body shape, whether you’re tall, average height, or short, you should feel confident and beautiful when expressing yourself with your clothes. Overweight women often have a hard time with this concept.

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As a short chubby woman, I am constantly looking for ways to look taller and skinnier! Here are the best tricks I have found to accentuate my curves and make my apple-shaped body actually look leaner!

How to dress if you are short and chubby

1. Wear Supportive Bras

Plus-size women don’t have to be confined to baggy clothing!

Quality plus-size shapewear can give you a smoother silhouette when wearing clingy fabrics; the same can be said for a good supportive bra. Suppose you’re a fan of clingy fabrics or tight-fitting clothing, a body shaper will allow you to wear those outfits comfortably while accentuating your waist, butt, and breasts.

From bodysuits to high-waisted panties, there are many types of shapewear to suit real women and any body type!

2. Tuck in your shirts

Tucking a blouse, top, or sweater into the waistband of your pants can make your legs look a lot longer. Leaving your shirt untucked will cause the hem of your top to hit the widest part of your body, making you appear bigger.

If you want a casual, cute look that makes you look slimmer, turn to peplum tops. These amazing tops cinch at the waist, creating a hanging frill that accentuates your bust and conceals your belly. I love this one from Romwe.

3. Be selective with prints

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the pattern, the slimmer you’ll look. Larger prints in bright colors and busy patterns can highlight areas you would rather keep hidden. Instead, opt for solid, dark colors.

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Clothes with smaller-scale patterns like micro gingham not only make you look slimmer, but they’re also a great look for the office! Try floral pieces with smaller patterns for a fresh, colorful look in the warmer months. Leather jackets can also give a pretty, floral outfit a cool edge.

4. Go for vertical rather than horizontal lines

Nautical looks were all the rage in the clothing industry a few years ago. However, the horizontal stripes that were a big part of that trend are not flattering for many body types. If you’re a short, apple-shaped woman or you have broad shoulders, avoid horizontal stripes as they wrap around your body and can create an optical illusion that makes you look wider.

Vertical patterns have the opposite effect, elongating your body and making you look slimmer, especially in monochromatic colors. Why not try a button-down shirt with vertical lines and black pants for a super chic look?

5. Choose the right neckline

If you’re a plus-sized girl, a general rule of thumb when shopping for tops is to opt for V-necks or U-necks rather than high-neck styles like turtlenecks. Square-shaped necklines are flattering, too, no matter the size of your bust. Roll-sleeved, open-neck shirts look great on curvy women too! Not sure if your body type is considered curvy? We did a breakdown of curvy vs fat.

V-shaped or U-shaped necklines accentuate your upper body, such as your bust, collarbones, and neck. These necklines also draw attention away from your lower body, like your belly and hips. Leather jackets can also help to finish off your look.

6. Wear belts

If you’re an apple-shaped woman, a belt that cinches your waist is your best friend! The waist is the slimmest part of your body and accentuating it with a belt draws attention to this feature while diverting attention away from areas you might feel self-conscious about. A wide belt can also be a great statement piece!

Whether you wear a belt with high-waisted mom jeans or an oversized sweater dress, you’re sure to look trendy, especially if your belt has some detailing that allows it to double up as an accessory too!

7. Wear nude heels

Last but not least – let’s talk about shoes!

Finishing your outfit off with a pair of nude high heels or nude sandals is a quick and simple way to make your legs look longer and give the illusion of height. For the most effective look, opt for neutral colors that closely match your skin tone, as this will create a smooth transition from your shoes to your skin.

Nude shoes divert attention away from your feet and prevent a jarring transition from your legs to your ankles. I recommend avoiding bootie-style shoes that stop right at your ankle, as these can make your legs look noticeably shorter.

High heels not only correct your posture and make you look taller, but they also give you a confident strut. However, if you’re not used to wearing high heels but want to give nude heels a try, I recommend opting for heels that are two inches or less, so you don’t have to worry about being wobbly on your feet. 

Own it!

The main thing to take away from this article is that these are simply suggestions and tips, not hard and fast rules. If you’re a short, plus-size woman shopping for clothes, the best place to start is to opt for solid colors that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

If an outfit makes you feel good and suits your sense of style, it’s the look for you.

It can be difficult and frustrating to go clothes shopping with a short and stocky build. Find a retailer with clothes that suit your style and shape. Choose darker colors and avoid baggy clothes. Make use of all they’ve got to offer.

You should always feel gorgeous and confident when wearing a new outfit, regardless of your shape or size.

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