Updated on July 6th, 2023 at 09:05 pm

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to make everything Christmassy — stars, trees, gaudy jewelry, your collection of weird festive ornaments, everything is coming out. That also includes sleepwear.

If you don’t want to have to troll through hundreds of items to find the ideal Christmas pajamas for women in a larger size, then don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work and put together this list of the seven best sets of Christmas jammies. Let’s get straight to our best overall pick:

 Plus-size womens christmas pajamas

Family Pajamas Microfleece Kids Pajama Set

Best Overall

image of women's plus-sized christmas pajamas - Extra Large Living
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This set is just pure matching cozy goodness all the way around. It’s what the holidays are all about. The 55% cotton microfleece material is ultra-soft against the skin, and the “Santa’s Squad” motif is great fun for the family. Get everyone wearing a set.

The pants come with side pockets, which are very handy. They’re also flame-resistant, which might put some minds at ease. I thought the collar was a bit large, but I suppose they’re only PJs. I’m not wearing them to the Met Gala!


  • Ultra-comfortable and soft microfleece
  • Cute design with family humor
  • Flame resistance
  • Pockets in the pants


  • Collars may feel a little too large on some

PajamaGram Christmas Pajamas for Family

image of pajamagram christmas pajamas for family - Extra Large Living
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When you need Christmas pajamas in all sizes, including plus-size, to suit the entire family, these have to be the go-to choice. The classic, old-world design is a great way to build that family ambiance this Christmas.

The traditional style will suit young and old, and even the dog can get in on the action with a matching set. They’re flame-resistant with convenient button-front tops. You can’t beat this look, especially the cute breast pockets!


  • Timeless design with old-world charm
  • Fun for the whole family, even the dog
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Perfect for starting a new family tradition


  • Consult the size chart very carefully – easy to get the wrong size for humans and dogs!

Just Love Short Sleeve Christmas Nightgown

image of just love short sleeve christmas nightgown - Extra Large Living
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This great-value nightgown is a simple solution for those who don’t like the two-piece jammies. It’s 100-percent cotton and therefore feels great against your skin and the overall quality is very strong, especially in the stitching.

One small issue is that the printed designs are a bit low, meaning that when you’re seated they disappear somewhat, which takes away some of the fun when the family is gathered together to admire the Christmas-wear.


  • High-quality cotton is soft against the skin
  • Great, strong stitching
  • Good range of colors and designs
  • 1-piece design easy to slip on and off


  • Printed designs a little hard to see when seated

XMASCOMING Women’s & Men’s Hooded Fleece Onesies One-Piece Pajamas

image of xmascoming women's & men's hooded fleece onesies one-piece pajamas - Extra Large Living
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The first thing I loved about these onesies was the sheer number of colors and designs available. These will let you show your holiday spirit. They come with zipper closer which makes them easy to get on and off, and there’s a handy Velcro hatch so it’s convenient for bathroom use.

They’re also machine-washable and come in a huge range of sizes for the whole family. Another nice detail is the elasticated ankle holes. They help keep things toasty. My only gripe is the 100% polyester, but I can live with it.


  • Great number of options for colors/designs
  • Zipper and Velcro hatch convenient for bathroom use
  • Nice details like elasticated ankle holes


  • 100% polyester – not as soft or comfortable as cotton

PajamaGram Women Flannel Pajama Set

image of pajamagram women flannel pajama set - Extra Large Living
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This brand calls itself a flannel expert, and I’d say they’re right. These Christmas pajamas are cute, very comfortable, and designed with an extensive plus-size selection for women.

You pay a higher price for these, but they’re very well designed with a crew neck and long sleeves and legs to help cover your extremities. The material is nice, but buy a size up because there will be a little shrinkage after the first wash.


  • Great plus-size selection
  • Attractive design
  • Long sleeves and legs for extra warmth
  • Soft-touch material is very comfortable


ENJOYNIGHT Women’s Sleepwear Tops with Capri Pants Pajama Sets

image of enjoynight women's sleepwear tops with capri pants pajama sets - Extra Large Living
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In terms of colors, plus-size options, design choice, and material quality, these pjs seem to have it all. They’re simple but comfortable, very soft, and don’t seem to suffer too much from color fading or shrinkage after washing, which is a definite strong point in the world of pajamas.

My main problem with these was just finding the right plus-size fit. It was a little frustrating because the quality is superb, but getting the exact right plus-size top and bottom was tougher. Nonetheless, they remain a great-value offer and a great purchase for families in need of the same designs in multiple sizes.


  • Durable material with minimal shrinkage or color fade
  • Soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear
  • Many choices in color and design
  • Great value on price


  • Sizes between top and bottom can be tricky to master

PajamaGram Soft Fleece Pajamas Women

image of pajamagram soft fleece pajamas women - Extra Large Living
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These come in at a higher price, but there is a premium soft feel, and decadent detailing of the collar, cuffs, and waistband. It is this kind of design that helps to make Christmas pajamas classy.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, or who doesn’t like getting a cold back from the loose-fitting pajamas that are common elsewhere – these are the jammies you need.

The soft collar is divine, as are the timeless old-world designs. They make a great gift for parents or grandparents, but the truth is everyone can quickly fall in love with these pajamas. Plus-Size fits go up to 3X and are true to most people’s understanding of their own size.


  • Classic and universally appealing design
  • Soft-touch comfortable collar
  • Nicely enclosed but not tight-binding cuffs and waistband
  • Very comfortable for sleeping
  • Make a great family gift


  • Premium price point

And The Winner Is…

Family Pajamas Microfleece Kids Pajama Set

image of women's plus-sized christmas pajamas - Extra Large Living

Though the PajamaGram matching family set was a close second, it’s the fun designs and festive cheer of this offering that make it my top customer rating. It’s not one of the big brands, but when it meets the varied plus-size requirements, and also looks like a real cheery set of Christmas pajamas, it fits the bill better than the more classic PajamaGram offering. These are jammies for your families, wherever they are in the country.

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How Often Should Pajamas Be Washed?

Plus-size women’s Christmas pajamas, like any others, are arguably more susceptible to the effects of over washing than other more “heavy-duty” clothing. The lighter construction and material is easier to get bent out of shape, to suffer shrinkage, and to generally lose its form in the rough and tumble of laundry life.

To maintain their form and extend their life, it’s recommended by the American Cleaning Institute that pajamas get washed after about 4 wears.

If you usually shower right before you get into your pajamas, the ACI says that you could get perhaps another two wears out of them before they’ll need washing anyway. The writers at Extra Large Living agreed that anything more than a week is getting to be a bit gross.

When you do wash them, use a gentle cycle for the best results.

What is the Softest Material for Pajamas?

One of the things many customers all over the country say when conducting a search for the perfect women’s pajamas is that they love testing the materials. Cotton and silk remain popular, as do fleece and flannel choices. Synthetic materials like polyester are also more common than before. For softness, the absolute best comes from Supima cotton pajamas.

Supima cotton is light, breathable, and smooth; it’s like a second skin. Flannelly material is also a very soft and cozy option for the winter months, making them ideal for Christmas time. Fleecey material has the same appeal, particularly for its heat-keeping properties and visual appeal.

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Polyester is arguably the softest of the synthetic materials, and you’ll find it to a certain degree in most budget pajama offerings. You have to pay a much bigger premium for pure cotton, silk, fleece or flannel, or even just a high percentage.

What Should You Look for in Quality Women’s Pajamas?

If you sleep every night in pajamas, then on average you’ll spend a third of your life wearing them. That warrants spending time in a search for quality pajamas. This equally applies to novelty Christmas pajamas for men. There are a lot of Christmases ahead!

The two main things you’re looking for are material quality and overall fit. The material absolutely has to be breathable, not too warm but warm enough, comfortable against the skin, with robust stitching and good durability.

In terms of fit, it can’t be skin-tight, but nor do you want it barely clinging onto your hips! What you’re aiming for is a loose fit around the body, arms and legs, and neck, but with a nice (but not too tight) enclosure around the wrists and ankles. For Christmas pajamas, you’ll also need a good dash of color!

One thing you don’t necessarily need to look for is brand names. Searches for women’s plus-size Christmas pajamas will always yield many great results, the content of won’t always be big brands. Focus on the things we mention above, regardless of the name label attached.

Forget the high-tech brands this year. Let’s get back to basics with a set of good-old Women’s Christmas pajamas. Wear them just for the occasion, or every day of the year. Your jammies, your rules.