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I was shopping online for my teenage boys and couldn’t decide whether to buy adult small or a youth extra-large sizes. What’s the difference between youth extra-large and men’s small?

A youth extra-large shirt is shorter and wider than an adult small. How much shorter or wider the youth extra-large is than the adult small often depends on the clothing manufacturer. If you are unsure of which size to get, go with the adult small.

Let’s look at the accurate youth extra-large measurements to help you pick the right sizes for your teenage kids.

What is a youth extra-large equivalent to?

The Youth XL is equivalent to a chest size between 36″ and 38″. Below is a table showcasing the full range of youth jersey sizing and their accurate measurements.

image of youth jersey size sheet - Extra Large Living

The adult small is narrower than the Youth-XL but longer. Below is an adult jersey sizing with their equivalent measurements.

image of adult jersey size sheet - Extra Large Living

Without accurate measurements, you are better off getting a bigger t-shirt than one that’s too small. If it’s too big, your child will grow into it and have it for longer.

Is extra-large the same as 1x?

Unfortunately, 1X isn’t the same as extra-large. Also, 2X and XXL aren’t the same either. Size 1X is considered a plus-size, and extra-large isn’t. This means that 1X is larger than extra-large.

What’s worse, different clothing brands seem to have different ideas on specific measurements for every size. Therefore, the only sure-fire way of picking the right garment size is by asking for accurate clothing measurements – collar to hem and armpit to armpit. Then, compare these measurements to yours.

What size is extra large?

Extra-large approximate sizes for both men are between 46″ and 48″ chest size and 38-40 inches waist size. For women’s sizes, the chest size is between 40″ and 41″.

On the other hand, unisex chest sizes are between 46″ and 48″ while the waist is 40″ -42″.

What age is youth extra large for?

A Youth Extra Large is ideal for youths between 13 and 16 years old. Using age to get the correct size comes in handy when you don’t have accurate body measurements. However, since teens within this age range have different body sizes, the matching is simply an approximation.

Below are other youth sizes and ages they are equivalent to.

image of youth size sheet to age - Extra Large Living

How do you measure kid’s and a young adult’s chest size?

Measure the fullest part of the chest. Often, this is the area that’s level with the armpits.

Have your child stand upright and rest their arms on their sides. They shouldn’t hold their breath during the measurement.

Hold the measuring tape’s end in place with one hand and use the other to wrap it around the chest to meet the stationary end. Ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor to get an accurate measurement. Record the measurement on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget.

For shirts, use the measurement you get. However, you should add one or two inches to the measurement when buying heavier clothing like sweaters and coats. This will allow your teen child to move freely under the heavier materials.

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Is youth xl the same as a women’s medium?

Clothes sizes for kids aren’t equivalent to women’s sizes. This is because children’s clothing is fit and cut differently than women’s clothing. That said, some women can wear both women adult small and youth xl sizes.

How do you measure youth extra-large and adult small clothes?

Aside from the chest size, you need to have the following measurements for both youth xl and adult small:

  • Sleeves: start the measurement from the neck’s base to the shoulder, down the arm to a bent elbow, and end at the wrist.
  • Waist: measure the circumference of the natural waist. This should be the narrowest part of the waist.
  • Hips: measure the fullest part with the teen standing straight with their feet together.
  • Shirt length: have your kid stand upright and measure from the top of the shoulder, over their chest.
  • Inseam: measure the inside of the upper thigh to the ankle.
  • Rise: run the measuring tape from the tummy (where the waistline is), between their legs, over the crotch, and return to the waistline on their back.
  • Pants length: have your kid stand upright with their feet parted slightly. Measure from their waistband to the bottom of the hem.

Kids sizes to adult clothing

When shopping for adult small and youth XL shirts for your teen kids, you should always have accurate and updated measurements. But sometimes this isn’t possible. At such times, you can compare clothing brand site approximations to your previous measurements and make the best call.

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